Ashley Zoch

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Folding for Diagrams

Darren and I caught a few bands at the Rob Roy on Friday night. We had planned to see Folding for Air at Gertrudes, but we decided it looked a little too 'art scene' for us. We ended up seeing Mum Smokes (who I thought were mostly good), Your Wedding Night (who we both agreed weren't very good - kinda Sonic Youth meets the B-52s) and Love of Diagrams (who were great and seemed a bit heavier than I recall their album being). The Love of Diagrams drummer was awesome (in fact the drums sounded great all night).

It's nice to see bands playing some loose instrumentals and experimenting a bit with song structures.

Next Up : mclusky at the Corner on July 10th , Beyond the Dark Side at Crown on July 27th.


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