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Friday, July 09, 2004

Community Cup XI

Sunday June 27th was the eleventh annual Sacred Heart Mission Community Cup. Shew and I braved the cold weather with about 5,000 other punters (based on my official estimate) at the Junction Oval in St. Kilda.

My first 'celebrity spot' was Tim Rogers from You am I. He was out on the ground having a kick prior to the game. I don't think he played in the match and I was disappointed to see he didn't get cleaned up (as in previous years). Perhaps he'd learned his lesson.

Paul Kelly and the Companions kicked off the proceedings with a short set (including a favourite of mine - Careless). He was joined by nephew Dan Kelly for the set and by a few other fellas for a nice bar-room rendition of Tom Waits' Come on up to the House to close.

A white costumed TISM followed with a few of their well known tunes (I rooted..., Ol' Man River and Greg the Stop Sign). The main guy grabbed a camcorder from the audience and gave one fan a nice memento. I was pleasantly suprised at their theatrics (first time I've seen them play).

The players took the field and Rebecca Barnard finished the pre-game entertainment with a rendition of the national anthem. I recognised a few of the RRR / PBS Megahertz (some Breakfasters and a few of the afternoon presenters) and a few less of the Espy Rockdogs (made up of local musos). The game was presided over by Wonderwoman (Pete Rosethorn), and Batman & Robin (couldn't get close enough to see who they were).

The footy was entertaining, although I must remember binoculars next year. Biggsy and another fellow (?) provided commentary over the PA with Fiona Parker on the boundary. Highlights on the ground were Tony and Angus from the Breakfasters and Ox from the band 'Gut'. The 'Ladies Lounge' was introduced this year to restrict a small part in the centre of the ground for the ladies and kids playing. Traditional games of kick-to-kick were played by the crowd between quarters.

Magic Dirt provided the half-time entertainment. They played quite a decent set and attracted a good sized crowd (including a couple of over-excited blokes in front of us. I'm not sure if they were big fans or just a bit 'happy').

With the music over and the weather getting colder, we decided to call it a day. Unfortunately I couldn't find the game broadcast on either PBS or RRR on the way home, but I did hear later that the Rockdogs were victorious again.

I'm looking forward to next year's game. Hopefully I can drag a few others along...

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