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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Can I have a Mountain Dew?

I'd hate to do that Geek Code test at the moment. I fear I would score far too well (or too poorly - you decide). We recently started up a D&D campaign. It's the first time I've played in 15+ years, but it's still a lot of nerdy, nerdy fun.

We're playing in the Eberron campaign world which our DM describes as a mix of Indiana Jones and the Maltese Falcon. So far the main traits of this world are the War-Forged race (wooden / steel robots powered by magic) and the use of Action Dice (limited bonus dice used to perform otherwise impossible feats). It's nerdy as hell and I love it.

Our party consists of my Halfing Sorcerer Felden, Tom's Cleric Vestinio, Pete's Barbarian Hashish, Michelle's Ninja Nira and Mark's Druid Nirek (along with his pet badger Badge). So far we've sauntered through one adventure - recovering a Schema from a rather shallow dungeon for a lady of one of the city's many noble Houses. We made it through by the skin of our teeth and most of us managed to level our characters. No 'level 10 in 4 hours' in this type of gaming.

Mark (Raj) is a wonderful DM. He's quite the roleplaying veteran (even doing a stint at Mind Games) and it shows. His ability to adlib and grasp of the campaign world are both very refined, and add immensely to the gaming experience. His slightly shonky voicings don't hurt either. I should give his business Gamer's Lair a plug as well.

A good portion of the group are new to the game (or very rusty like myself) so it's been slow going to date. Lots of DM help looking up Saving Throws or Armour Classes. The rules have changed quite a bit since I played Edition 2 (we're at Edition 3.5 now). Wizards of the Coast have 'open sourced' the basic d20 ruleset and simplified it considerably. It's still incredibly detailed for the serious nerds, but the mechanics aren't as esoteric as they once were. Basically you use a 20 sided dice for most elements of chance (hence the d20 name). We're getting there, and the less conscious of the rules we become, the more engrossing the game is.

Back to memorising my Magic Missiles...


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