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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Nostalgia is a Seductive Liar

Blogging is a great way to waste away the hours. At the pub this weekend we were discussing the fun of reading over old blog entries. At the time I didn't think I had written much that wasn't still fresh in my mind, but tonight I decided to upload my old entries from a few previous blogging efforts and re-discovered a few old memories. Of particulary note was the Folding for Air gig that we ended up aborting. A band I'd still like to catch one day. I haven't seen their name around the traps for a while. I wonder if they are still around.

A email reminded me that today also marks the one year anniversary of the website. Unfortunately the email was an invoice for another twelve months of hosting (from my good friends at EhostPros). It's a small annual price to pay to share my thoughts with the world.

To mark the date (in the same way a kidnapper might get you to hold up a newspaper) I'd like to say 'See ya later' to Angela. I thought Geneva would have gone, but it appears you were disliked twice as much (as decided by the Australian public).


  • Happy anniversary,
    blogger contemporary.

    the end

    By Anonymous mjd, at 7:25 PM  

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