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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Mclusky Do Melbourne

Last night Darren and I hit the Corner Hotel to see Welsh band Mclusky. We arrived in time to catch the final few songs from Black Level Embassy who were playing some pretty generic 'loud rock'. The other support act, The Bird Blobs, played two sets (we missed the first). They had a kind of odd jolting experimental punk sound. Darren summed it up well - 'I'm glad this band doesn't practice next to my house'. I did enjoy the shoe-gazing 'math-rock' of the guitarist though.

Mclusky hit the stage at 11:30 and played a great set saturated with favourites (a great Lightsaber Cocksucking Blues to open, She will only Bring you Happiness, To Hell with Good Intentions, That Man will not Hang, Alan is a Cowboy Killer). They were in great humour, bantering between songs and generally stirring the crowd up. I was suprised how well their songs translated live. There's some pretty wild singing in some of them and they sound bigger than three guys could produce. The bass player was sporting a neck-brace, but it appeared to be for effect as he was banging away more than anyone (or perhaps because of). The crowd really ramped up for To Hell with Good Intentions, which was really cool. Actually it was great to see a band where I knew every song.

There were a few fellas with cameras there, so hopefully there'll be some shots shared on the Internet or maybe someone will even share a groove. Here's hoping.

Definitely my most enjoyed gig this year. Hopefully they'll be back again soon.


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