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Monday, April 25, 2005

Weddings, Parties...

It's been a weekend of wedding festivities. Dave & Heidi recently announced they were to be wed this month and Tayls & Tam tied the knot this weekend.

Dave's Bucks Night was Saturday and started at the Charles Dickens on Collins St. A few beers and soccer chants later we moved onto the Sherlock Holmes and finally to one last UK pub before I parted company (having to drive to the peninsula the next morning).

Dave lined up behind a round on pints.

On Sunday Shew, Janet and I headed down to Crittenden Winery at Dromana for Tayls & Tams' wedding. The evening started with a nice intimate ceremony under a Willow tree and a setting sun. We then caught up with various fellas from Tayls' Bucks Night over some smoked Salmon appetizers and a glass of wine.

Shew and Ash prior to the ceremony.

We moved inside and continued to feast on a variety of food and drink. We caught up with the new Bride & Groom to check out their rings and honeymoon plans (and camping plans - of course). The Best Man, Holly and Tayls made a nice speech each and then the Wedding cake was cut. To finish off the evening, Tayls & Tam stepped out onto the dance floor for a bridal waltz (much to Shew's pleasure as he was keen for a dance all night).

Tayls, Tam & Ash at the Reception.

We decided around 10:30 that we weren't as young as we used to be, and with a 90 minute drive home, we headed off. Tayls' mum had suggested something wine related as a gift, so we gave them a Yarra Valley Winery Day Tour so they can sample a few local drops.

Tayls and Tam put together some nice touches to make their wedding something to remember. The ceremony was very personal, their rings were nice silver bands that were cast with lines from cuttlefish, the food was served in clever ways to allow folks to eat standing up, and each guest received a native Australian Wedding Bush (Ricinocarpus Pinifolius). It's nice to see folks doing something personal to them and not just following a template.

More Weddings to come...


  • Jeez mate - you scrub up alright actually. I'm not so sure about the 10:30pm finishes thesedays though. You're not entitled to those unless you have kids as an excuse. -DFV

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:43 AM  

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