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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Freeballing in Paris France

I woke up in the Louvre this morning covered in peanut-butter and rice. Initially I thought I'd been robbed, but I found my belongings hanging in my backpack on the arm of the Venus De Milo. A french guard with a waxed moustache discovered me jumping to reach my backpack and chased me through the Da Vinci exhibit. Hilarity ensued.

I caught a filthy French taxi from the Louvre to my next stop - the castle of King Louis 13th. The King was out but I did manage to meet his lovely wife and hilarity ensued again. It wasn't until the tower bell was sounded and I had to make my escape out the window, that we parted company. Swimming in a moat isn't much fun. It's worst with your pants around your ankles and a baby crocodile chasing you.

I settled in for the night at a charming Bed & Breakfast and spent the evening in their palor surrounded by characters from an Agatha Christie mystery. Despite my efforts to drum up a posse and go after the wiley suspcious-looking butler, the other guests seemed content to sit, drink their cognac and chit-chat. To them I say "Sac re bleu" or whatever that saying is.


  • Sounds like quite the shennanigans.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:58 PM  

  • That don't look like a photo of the Louvre to me.. -DFV

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:58 PM  

  • Sup dogs?

    Hope you all had a good weekend.. Mine was pretty good.. Caught the MC from 1200 techniques at The Croft Institute which was cool.. at one stage there was a wicked remix of a Joe Cocker number (alright?).. which I must try and find as soon as I finish this..

    Then we split and headed towards 00 bar.. on the way, at the corner of Swanston and Lonsdale we heard tyres screeching, so all heads turned to witness some P plater dude in a green Hyundai excel run a red, and clip the front corner of a Honda with four asian chicks inside. The Honda flipped onto its roof, slid onto, and off the sidewalk and came to rest on the tram lines on its side.

    Everyone ran to the car, but the chicks couldnt get out because the doors were mashed, they were frantic, but all were ok - luckily. We had to push the car back on its wheels so they could get out.. then shortly the ambos and cops came etc etc.. Bottom line? Thank god everyone had belts on. Seemed so surreal like I guess most like that do.

    So we cruised to 00 bar - it was pretty full upstairs, but not really our kind of crowd so we only stayed for an hour or so..

    Next port of call was Phoenix bar, which was closing (it was pretty late..) then some of the posse headed back to Camberwell, and about 5 of us headed to Honkys..

    Honkys had some decent tunes.. so we cut a rug for a while, or until it closed actually, then we went back to Camberwell to chill out while some of the dudes got behind the decks.. a great way to wind down... or keep going.

    So most of Sunday arvo and night was spent catching up on sleep. Monday morning saw some domestic activity, and then I headed off to play 18 holes at Sandringham with some dudes from work. I hit 102 which is pretty decent for me. I found my tee shots about 6 holes in, but never found my long irons. I guess thats what you get for playing so rarely.

    Thats about it.. I dropped in at my folks for a quick feed, and now I am here, and about to catch whatever is on the box.

    Its all about the music.

    I'z out. - CAM

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:34 PM  

  • I like potato chips.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:28 AM  

  • You know the guards at the Da Vinci exhibit carry guns?

    I only wish they pointed them and fired at people who insisted on taking photos of the mona lisa DESPITE THE CLEAR WARNINGS not to take photos.

    Also, I'd _far_ _far_ rather have a known baby crocodile chasing me than a potential grown up crocodile that may or may not be there, but if it is, is going to do more than nip your finger.

    Also depending on the size of said baby crocodile, I mean the one I held was only 30cm long. Maybe you mean a juvenile crocodile, 1m or so long.

    PS Hooray for finally updating.

    By Anonymous Sian, at 10:58 PM  

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