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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Business Lunch

I enjoyed a leisurely lunch with my accountants (as they cleverly disguise themselves for deduction purposes) today at Do Lunch in Eltham. Rich and I indulged in the Super Beef Burger while Mark took a carefully calculated risk on the Mushroom & Bacon Crepes. Both were delicious by all reports.

Mark showing off his new borrowed sunglasses.

Very little business was discussed. In fact most of the talk was of a travel nature with Mark recently returning from a hiking trip to Nepal and me heading off to Europe in the coming weeks.

Rich looking very business-like.

We basked in the early afternoon sun for a while and kept a casual eye on the young lunching mothers. There was also some comparison of beard growth, although Mark had cleaned himself up at the request of his better half, Janet.

Ash enjoying the fruits of the non-working lifestyle.

I returned to their office for a quick look through Mark's hiking photos while he looked over some BAS statements and conducted some other counting of beans. With a full belly I made a quick stop off to see Cheryl and then headed home for a quick tidy up before Darren & Kim arrive for an evening catch up and some Carnivale.


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