Ashley Zoch

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Or maybe they should be...

Swinburne Alumini and buddy of mine Paul Bird is curing Cancer. He's not working in a lab, but he is throwing himself off Guy's Tower in support of Cancer Research UK. Although this sounds all very Le Parkour (he even eludes to it with the picture on his website) he's abseiling and he's never one to pass up the opportunity to have a crack at his surname :

I threw him an Ayrton Senna.
(which I'm told with confidence is slang for Ten Pounds)

This next fellow isn't raising any money (as far as I know) but he has done something equally as silly. His commitment to a good costume and a good laugh deserves to be saluted. I wonder if he abstained?

(which I'm told with confidence is slang for Spunk)


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