Ashley Zoch

Friday, September 02, 2005

Ah Gordon! There you are.

It was a quiet last few days in Bangkok. Poor Chris developed something viral and I got a bit coughy myself. We got a little less adventurous and spent free time shopping and just kicking around. Chris bought himself a copy of Half Life 2 and become addicted, despite my efforts to encourage him down the Vice City path. I suspect he's close to completing it now.

I went for a wander down Kao Sanh Rd, which is a bit of a freakshow of dirty travellers. It's like an intensified little Bangkok in one street of bars and hair braiders. It's far removed from my experiences there, but it looked like fun for a while. I also visited Silom Rd which is one of the main shopping precincts and picked up some necessities for the next blog entry.

A pretty uneventful couple of days but a nice rest and a good chance to catch up on some 'doing nothing'.


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