Ashley Zoch

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Jack, the Kingfisher and I

Matt Knight Reports...

Left Mumbai yesterday headed for Goa. The plan was delayed for about an hour but the flight is only 45 mins so it was sweet. The plan was jam packed with no seats left. After arriving in Goa and getting to the beach I can understand why.

We took a 2 hour car ride to get the Palolem beach then walked around looking for some place to stay. We managed to get some wooden huts on the beach they cost us $5 a night. They are very basic huts, but there is a bed to sleep on and a restaurant next door. Ash and I dumped our packs, and took a seat next door in the restaurant watching the ocean and a game of beach cricket.

I sat in my chairs, kicked back and had a kingfisher beer. After about two hours the game of cricket got called due to bad light. We sat in the restaurant for another couple of hours, sipping on beers and listening to Jack Johnson.

I think I am going to enjoy Goa.


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