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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Very Good Cricket Team

Matt Knight Reports......

They longer I stayed in Mumbai the more it grew on me. Having said that I was glad to leave for Goa which is 100 times better in comparison.

Spent Sunday in Mumbai at the cricket and then off to the movies. Cricket is massive in India. Everyone plays or follows the cricket, and as soon as we mention we are Aussies the standard Indian answer is "Very good cricket team".

It was good to just kick back in the shade watching the game. Some guys from England where also there and we ended up having a chat. We were planning to go down onto one of the ovals and join in, but time got away and we couldn't play.

The Bollywood movie was also an experience. We had a little time to kill after watching the cricket so we stopped off in a cafe. About 30 mins before the show we left to get tickets and the lines where out onto the street.

The movie itself was ok but way too long. The Indians seemed to love it but I personally can not see it winning any oscars........


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