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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Holy Tequila Batman

With a big weekend planned, I took it very easy on Friday – wandering around town and looking in shops. I caught an afternoon showing of the film Stealth which was way over the top but an enjoyable way to wile away a few hot afternoon hours. I had a look through the Borders store here and then picked up a couple of books at a small second hand bookshop.

After a bite to eat we went out for a night of partying with Marco and Sharni’s friend Peng. We started at a wine bar on Emerald Hill Rd that had a Mediterranean mixed with Sea Shanty feel. One of the EY partners joined us for a drink and we chatted a bit about the modern history of Singapore and the working relationships with nearby neighbour Malaysia. I’m curious about the dealings between the two countries as they are so close but a lot of stuff in Singapore costs twice as much.

We jumped in a pair of taxis around midnight and headed to Clarke Quay to a club called Gotham Penthouse. I haven’t been inside a nightclub for some years, but this one was just how I remembered them. They played an assortment of 12” mixes of pop tracks and what I would classify as ‘commercial dance’. The stuff you’d find advertised in this year’s compilations on TV. I think I’ll name the genre 'Sharnicore' as she appeared to know it all. We chugged down a variety of spirits and beer at crazy high Singapore prices and finished off with a couple of rounds of Tequila shots.

As an aside – they serve their Tequila shots a little differently here. The glasses are salt rimmed and they arrive with the lemon slice in the Tequila.

I decided to call it a night when the dancing started.


  • What! Going to bed when it's all starting? Whatever happened to those late nights at clubs in your 20's? What time did Sharni get in?

    By Blogger DFV, at 10:10 PM  

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