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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hazing Rituals

We've been pretty much 'hazed' in for the past couple of days in Kuala Lumpur. The smoke from fires drifting over from Sumatra combined with the general haze here has made it a little unpleasant to be outside. I've taken the opportunity to put my feet up for a bit and do nothing.

We had (yet another) great meal at a Street Hawker on Tuesday night. I told Lau that I had not eaten a single bad thing since I arrived and that he should think about doing some culinary tours for visitors. I think he's considering it. I'm suggesting he calls it "Lau's Chow".

I've spent some quality time lazing by the pool at Andrew's apartment too. Despite a lack of sun and the smoky air, it's been warm and pleasant. I caught up on a couple of old issues of Wired and some serious ipod listening.

I somehow managed to get myself into an odd situation yesterday when a middle aged lady sidled up beside me and started asking where I was from, etc. I had the same thing the day before and was a little curt, expecting some sort of con than never transpired. I felt a little guilty, so I indulged this lady a little more and accepted her help to locate a pharmacy. Rather than make it to a pharmacy we stepped out at a Delifrance just down the main street where she invited me to join her and her brother. I saw an opportunity to exit, so I gave them a polite wave and headed off. I still don't know if there's a con.

Everyone else in this internet cafe is playing Guild Wars, so I'm off before I start pining for Warcraft.


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